Energy Storage System Container

  • Energy Storage System Container
  • Functional characteristics
  • Product specifications

Functional characteristics

Product characteristics
  • Adopt modularized structure, with flexible system capacity configuration. 
  • Standard container, turnkey system.
  • Intelligent battery management, with local EMS.
  • Support other micro-source connection, to achieve intelligent and management of the system.
  • Outdoor IP55 protection level.
  • Dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion.
  • The battery compartment adopts constant temperature design, so that the battery works in the optimal temperature environment.
  • Adopt intelligent fire protection system, with the function of self-extinguishing.
  • With the function of intelligent sound and light alarm and remote uploading, the security level is high.

Power Conversion System (PCS)

The Power Conversion System (PCS) is a bi-directional conversion system that converts power between energy storage battery and grid, along with energy and grid power quality management. Under the control of EMS, you can realize the “Peak Load Cutting” of energy grid and secondary frequency response rapidly with PCS. While the PCS is cooperating with the intermittent distributed energy (Wind, Solar), it can stabilize the volatility of intermittent distributed energy and make it become controllable “Grid Friendly Loading”. When a Microgrid which combines with PCS, local-loads and other distributed energy sources operates alone, it can also provide stable voltage and frequency for the load in the Microgrid.

Battery Management System (BMS)

BMS is a system that monitors and manages the status of a battery pack. With the function of measuring battery voltage, it can prevent the battery from overheating and other abnormal conditions during charging and discharging. The status of each battery cell can be known at any time to maintain the normal operation of the energy storage system through the BMS.

Energy Management System (EMS)

By using control programs, network communication and database technology, the EMS delivers the energy data from the on-site control station to the management control center to realize the functions of collecting, storing, processing, statistics, querying and analyzing the enterprise production data as well as monitoring, analysis and diagnose those data to achieve effective management goals.

High security and stability-Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The lithium iron phosphate battery is the only economic battery that meets environmental and safety requirements which was verified by the countries of the world. Eco Energy Corporation chooses it with the advantages of high power, high capacity, long lifecycle, safety and will not catch explosion or fire.

Fire Extinguishing System

We choose Heptafluoropropane (FM200) of green clean fire suppression agent with its high efficiency, nondefacement for equipment, good electrical insulation and rapidly fire extinguishing features.

How to work:

Automatic start

If a fire occurs in the protective area, the fire detector will send out audible and visible signal, and the command of closing interlocking device in the same time.

Electric manual start

If a fire occurs in the protective area, you can put down the “Start” bottom on the manual controller to send out the fire extinguishing command of fire alarm. According to the procedure, the fire extinguishing device will start to release fire suppression agent and implement the fire extinguishing. In the automatic start mode, the electric manual start mode is with the highest priority.

Security system

Security system inside the container includes the alarm system such as sound and light alarm, water immersion alarm, and smoke detection alarm, fire protection system, temperature and humidity, access control, temperature control system and monitoring system, centrally monitored and dispatched by EMS via dry contact, RS485 and TCP/IP.

Product specifications



Battery side parameters

Cell model


Battery module


Rated capacity


Available capacity


Rated voltage  


Operating voltage range


AC side parameters

Rated power


Maximum AC power



<3% (at rated power)

Output voltage


Rated power grid frequency


Adjustment range of power factor


Charge and discharge switching time


Independent inverter voltage range


Independent inverter output voltage distortion factor


With unbalanced load capability


Independent inverter overvoltage range

0.5%, the load changes from 20% to 100%

Conventional parameters





Operating temperature


Power self-consumption during shutdown


Cooling mode

Forced air cooling for control compartment and air conditioner refrigeration for battery compartment

Protection level


Way of fire protection

Heptafluoropropane fire protection system

Relative humidity

0~95%, no condensation

Maximum altitude


Communication interface


Communication protocol

IEC04Modbus TCPModbus RTU


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