Energy Storage - Peak Load Cutting
The Peak Load Cutting of energy storage is according to the peak-to-valley electricity price difference of the Time of Use Rates Policy, it can realize the transfer of peak and valley electricity through charging and discharging of the energy storage system to obtain commercial value. When the grid is abnormal, the energy storage system can be used as a power source to supply power to the load.

  • By charging during the off-peak electricity rates at night, the power stored can be utilized during peak hours to improve terminal power efficiency.
  • The PCS will adjust ineffective factors and provide reactive power compensation to reduce the power consumption.
  • Resolve the problem of electricity frequency fluctuation and the power shortage or outage.
  • It can be the emergency backup power when the power grid has a breakdown condition suddenly. Corporations can save a large amount of UPS investment.
General Energy-Management Systems (GEMS)