Solar Energy Storage System
The solar energy is integrated with energy storage and charging facilities to an optical storage and charging microgrid system. It can interact with the public grid intelligently, and realize two different operating modes of grid-connected and off-grid. The economic benefits of the system will be improve greatly with the functions of green energy and Peak Load Cutting service, etc.

  • Realize the balance of local energy operation and electric loading through energy storage and optimized configuration.
  • It can operate alone and interact with the public grid regarding demands flexibly.
  • Generating your own renewable energy can substantially mitigate the impact of the charging pile pairs with grid.
  • It can avoid the perplexity of upgrading the power transmission and distribution which was made by increasing the number of electric cars, and save the cost of expanding the capacity of power transmission and distribution equipment.
  • Improve the diversity and reliability of power supply in the park, and reduce the grade of energy conversion to improve the conversion efficiency.

Solar Energy Storage System